Hospitality / Greeters

The Hospitality Team is a dedicated group of individuals who play a vital role in creating a warm and welcoming environment within our community. The team’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, all aimed at ensuring that attendees feel valued and supported throughout their worship experience.

First and foremost, each team member strives to engage with our guests and parishioners in a friendly and approachable manner. They greet people with warm smiles, providing a positive and inviting atmosphere from the moment individuals enter the church. To facilitate interaction and foster a sense of familiarity, team members wear name tags, making it easier for attendees to address them by name.

The Hospitality Team also takes charge of preparing name tags for all who attend mass, distributing worship aides, assisting individuals in finding open seats and offering guidance to those in need, particularly individuals with disabilities or mobility challenges. They actively extend a helping hand, ensuring that everyone feels included and supported in their journey of worship.

During the Mass, the team assists with various tasks. They aid in facilitating the offering collections, ensuring a smooth and organized process. Additionally, they participate in the Preparation Rite with the gift bearers.

After Mass, the Hospitality Team takes charge of distributing the church bulletin. They also help reset the pews for the next Mass, ensuring cleanliness and tidiness by picking up leftover worship aids, church bulletins, and any other discarded items. The team takes care to dispose of trash appropriately, restoring the sacred space to its condition.

Lastly, the Hospitality Team is always ready to assist the ministry team leader, parish staff, and pastor with any additional tasks or requirements. They understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability, as their role extends beyond the specific responsibilities mentioned above.