MHR AIDS Support Group

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm

Contributions to MHR’s AIDS Support Group are gladly received. You can contribute online to MHR-ASG by clicking on the Donate button.

In 1985, the people of Most Holy Redeemer Parish were witnessing the devastation of AIDS in their midst. Their instinctive response was to reach out to those suffering around them, offering practical help and emotional and spiritual support. As the epidemic grew, so did the parish response. Quickly the assistance of the parish was offered to anyone in the broader community who needed it. A few caring and committed individuals organized this parish response into what became Most Holy Redeemer AIDS Support Group.

Over the years, the AIDS Support Group has remained true to its original mission of providing direct care and assistance to persons with HIV disease and those who love and care for them. While remaining firmly rooted in the parish, the AIDS Support Group serves clients and draws volunteers from all over San Francisco.

As the demographics and character of the virus have changed, the AIDS Support Group’s services have changed to meet the new challenges. For instance, with increased life expectancy for people with HIV, the AIDS Support Group is addressing the unique needs of older clients.

Most Holy Redeemer AIDS Support Group has earned much respect as a service provider in San Francisco. Since its inception, it has cared for over 2,700 persons with HIV, their families and loved ones. Its dedication and commitment have been recognized with many awards and grants.

As an all-volunteer organization receiving no government assistance, the AIDS Support Group remains committed, with the help of faithful volunteers and donors who sustain its work, to continue its services to people with HIV for as long as these services are needed. Established in 1985, we will mark the beginning our 28th year of outreach and assistance in 2013.

Mission: The mission of Most Holy Redeemer AIDS Support Group is to mitigate the suffering and enhance the quality of life of those struggling with debilitating HIV/AIDS-related diseases. This is accomplished by providing practical, emotional, and where desired, spiritual support for persons with HIV/AIDS-related diseases and their loved ones, regardless of religious belief, age, race gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Volunteer Needs: The AIDS Support Group is in constant need of volunteers willing to commit to at least one of the following responsibilities: 1. Routine, scheduled home-based client assistance; 2. “On-Call” client assistance delivered on an “as-needed” basis; 3. Event or special project assistance. Each volunteer will participate in an intake session with our Program Coordinator as well as a basic program orientation and training.

Description: Sensitive and loyal volunteers currently provide practical and emotional support to over 127 clients. Clients receive volunteer assistance through scheduled, routine home-based practical and/or emotional support; short term temporary care; “on-call” assistance; help with transportation needs; telephone contact and support for those isolated. Over 200 volunteers provide hundreds of hours of event participation each year, raising funds for programs and client services as well as share their unique and special skills for our operations. Our volunteers are truly the heart and life force of our Support Group. Our heartfelt thanks to these volunteers for their loving care, dedication, and generous assistance.

Additional nurturing client assistance is provided by our two distinct professionally facilitated support groups that each meet weekly and include: 1. Positive Connections – our basic “drop-in” HIV/AIDS sessions that provide healthy peer support and professional direction; and 2. Thriving in Mid-Life – our eight-week support series with a focus on the unique and specific needs of our midlife, senior, and “older” clients.

Meetings: Optional Volunteer meetings are scheduled on the fourth Thursday of each month,

Activities: Because the ravages of HIV/AIDS are both physical and psychological, we offer a variety of individualized support services.

  • Clients in need of home-based support are carefully matched with a Volunteer to create a one-on-one partnership that provides both practical services and companionship. Home-based Client assistance may include: shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, companionship, errands, transportation, liaison with social service agencies, help with information and referral, etc.
  • Professionally facilitated weekly support groups of: Positive Connections, New Horizons and Thriving in Midlife.
  • Fundraising Events throughout the year and gatherings of clients, volunteers and donors.

Participation: Client and volunteer intakes, orientation and placements take place on an individual basis throughout the year. Those interested in receiving assistance or providing other with help are encouraged to contact us at 415-863-1581.