Online Library

The library was begun in the 1990’s by Mary Quinlan, Ed LeClaire, and a team of volunteers in a small space under the back stairs from the church to the hall. When the church was to be renovated, only some of the books were kept for a future library. The renovation built the current room as the library but it became a storage room. Only after several years and a repainting did it become what it had been intended to be through the efforts of Pete Toms, Nick Andrade, Greg Matracia, and Bill Osuna among others.

The library now contains almost 2,000 volumes as well as religious DVDs and CDs and a subscription to the National Catholic Reporter. Subjects include: Theology (God, the Trinity, Jesus, The Spirit): books of Spirituality both classic and modern; prayer; Scripture studies; Mary; women’s studies; modern Christian thought on sexuality; gay and lesbian issues; art and architecture; peace and justice issues; history both religious and secular; fiction; biographies; life stages and problems; vocations both secular and religious; other religions; and the Church both as the hierarchy and as the people of God. We also have several works by parishioners.