Our Mission Statement at Most Holy Redeemer

Most Holy Redeemer Parish is a Christian Community in the Roman Catholic tradition. The parish draws people from isolation to community, from searching to awakening, from indifference to concern, from selfishness to meaningful service, from fear in the midst of adversity to faith and hope in God.

The community of Most Holy Redeemer shares God’s compassionate love with all people. The parish offers a spiritual home to all: senior citizens and youth; single people and families; those who are straight, gay, lesbian, and transgendered; the healthy and the sick, particularly persons with HIV disease.

As a parish community, we celebrate God’s loving presence in our lives. In worship and sacrament, especially the Eucharist, we are nurtured and challenged to extend God’s kingdom of justice, truth, love and peace by growing in the spirit of Jesus, the Most Holy Redeemer.

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    Fr Jacks Message

     By putting on Christ, robed in the white garment of faith, all baptized Christians are called to be ministers of God’s Church. Daily, we are challenged to consider how God is inviting us not only to carry Jesus into the world, but to be Christ in all we do.

         Today’s story of salvation history is seasoned by Pope Francis’ listening ear and voice of compassion, and as Advent carries us to Christmas, let’s agree to stand together in our new liturgical year to proclaim the Word of God, to evangelize those separated from God and church, and to speak the presence of Christ to those who do not know him.

         This week’s Gospel prophet, John the Baptist, is often portrayed in ways that seem “wild-eyed and wooly” to me. In other words, he appears to be more than a bit on the far side of normal. He’d like it here at MHR. We are anxious to follow Our Most Holy Redeemer’s lead in welcoming and caring for all God’s People.

         John the Baptist lived in the crack between Judaism and Christianity; his conviction and commitment to point to Jesus is handed on to us as we live in the crack between Now and the fullness of God’s Reign. Preparing the way of Peace is not easy. The assault of war and violence invades our personal space, blares before us in sound bites of tragedy and hate. So often news from around the world, our nation, our state, and even our neighborhood is so numbing that hopelessness prevails. We must overcome this as we stand in the breach.

         Peace begins at home, in the innermost part of us, there where Truth is essential. Our strength is that which is most natural and necessary: Love of self, the accepting of self, warts and all, trusting and relying on God’s healing love.

         This next Wednesday (December 17, 7:30pm) our Most Holy Redeemer family will gather for a Mass of Healing. We will gather to acknowledge our need for God’s restorative love in our spiritual and temporal lives. Gathered in Sacrament, we will be healed, forgiven of our sin, and bolstered by Jesus’ love shared in Word and song, in the Body and Blood, and in each other.

         Please pray with us, either by being physically present or being present in prayer, desire, and intent. Be healed with us as we gather and pray in the loving presence of our Most Holy Redeemer as we ready the way of the Lord.

Fr. Jack




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2014 Advent Vespers – Wednesdays, December 3rd, 10th and 17th at 7:30pm in the Church
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